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We at Avaids Technovators design, develop and manufacture a range of aviation obstruction lighting systems and day marking spheres. In a little less than two decades, we have emerged as one of Asia's most trusted providers of Obstruction Warning solutions across the entire spectrum of aviation warning requirements. Solutions that have been deployed in aviation obstruction marking of Telecom and Cellular Towers, TV and Radio antennae towers , high rise power transmission cable posts and pylons, chimneys, cooling towers, sky scrapers and hills near airports .

Avaid's revolutionary R&D efforts have put it among the world's select few companies that offer the next generation warning lights, blending cutting edge LED and optics technologies available today and made it probably the only one with several unique competencies. Like designing and implementing solar powered warning lighting systems.

Our obstruction warning solutions come completed with products conforming to the most rigorous ICAO and FAA standards as well as world-class project management capabilities, now proven across the telecom , power , construction , broadcast and several other domains.

Avaids is privileged to unveil to you the same state-of-the-art products and solutions that have been delighting customers across the Gulf & the Middle East, Africa , East Asia and the pacific rim for the last twenty years .Come, let's have a glimpse of how Avaids Technovators can make your structure aviation safe.

We serve the following industries -

  • High Rise Structures : High-rise towers need markings as per local civil aviation norms. Avaids high intensity, medium intensity and low intensity obstruction warning lights make these engineering ... more
  • Power Transmission Lines : High voltage power transmission lines pose peculiar hazards to low flying aircraft. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Agency... more
  • Radio Transmission Towers : Located at remote and isolated locations, these tall man-made towers pose a threat to low-flying aircraft. High, medium and low intensity obstruction warning lights mark ... more
  • Rocket Launch Pads : How harsh could be the operating environment for obstruction lighting systems? What about a rocket launch pad? The test of the quality ... more
  • Telecom Towers : The rapid growth of the cellular phone industry and other communication services has led to millions of new communication towers being erected all over the world. Since they ... more
  • Thermal Power Plants : There are special considerations for lighting chimneys, cooling towers and plants. Their geometry and extent need to be considered in addition to the height of the structures. As per ICAO ... more