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Mechanical Shop

The heart of any industry is Mechanical Shop . Avaids has one of the biggest mechanical shop for AWS in the world. All the major machines to develop control base of AWS and other major parts of AWS are either fully CNC or semi CNC which we have imported from the world's best companies in their respected fields.



Cad and CamCAD
Advanced designing techniques and softwares (Solidedge) which help to improve our design and also reduces error in manufactory, increasing efficiency and removing the requirement for prototype development, analysis of strength of material and material selection made easy and efficient.


Dedicated software’s (AP100) for sheet metal fabrication to increase productivity and reduce the occurring of errors.


CNC Turret Punch Press

Amada Turret Punch machine

  • Prototyping is faster, different profiles can be cut which are not possible through conventional/hand cutting tools.
  • Speedy convertibility different sizes of profiles with a precision of ± 0.05 accuracy.


CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Can make multi profile with any type of bend and shape, which minimizes the scope of welding.
  • This machine has accuracy of ±0.1.

Hydraulic Uni Press

Hydraulic Uni pressMake : Unipunch
Model : M4600
Tonnage : 20 Tons
Vertical Ram : Used for the manufactory of our special type clamps for mounting structure.

Hydraulic Bus Bar Bending Machine

Hydraulic Bus Bar Bending MachineMake : Unipunch
Model : T7000
Tonnage : 58 Tons
Horizontal Ram : Used for the critical bending of Bus Bar and other items required for the development of AC panels and other shop floor requirement for manufactory.

Tool Room

Tool Room Machines
Drilling / Tapping Machine
Drilling / Tapping Machine
Make : JMTC, Unique Machines
Size : Max. 1 inch
Universal Vertical Milling Machine
Universal Vertical Milling Machine
Conventional Lathe Batala Lathe
Surface grinder Pedestal grinder

Fabrication Shop
Fabrication Machines
MIG Welding

MIG Welding
Make : TECHNO WELD MIG (DX 250 & 400)
TIG Welding Machine

TIG Welding Machine Make : KLEIN SCHWEISSER (150 TIG)
Spot Welding

Spot Welding
100 Amp Current


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Manufactory
FRP Machines
Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press
Day marking sphere Die

Day marking sphere Die


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