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Xenon Obstruction Lighting
Medium intensity xenon obstruction lights

Xenon Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights

Xenon Medium Intensity Obstruction LightsMedium intensity xenon lights are used mainly during night marking. The xenon lights are credibly known for their gift to infiltrate poor visibility and foggy conditions. It provides an output in multiples of an equivalent neon light filament.

Medium Intensity xenon white obstruction lights are usually used on structures that are above 150 meters. The common medium white strobe flashes 20-60 times in a minute, at an intensity of 20,000 candelas for daytime/twilight, and 2,000 candelas at nighttime.

Avaids Xenon lights can be operated through a reliable Switch Mode Power Supply, with in-built photo-sensing device. These are omni-directional aviation warning lights, which conform to ICAO Annexure-14, chapter 6 under Medium Intensity type 'B'. Flashers are operated through a reliable Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS), with a dedicated photo sensing device for dusk to dawn operation.

We make the Flash head housing of our products in cast aluminium alloy, which is then painted with polyurethane coating for all weather protection and resistance from humidity. UV resistant acrylic is used in the manufacturing of its fresnel lens for fine quality. And all other hardware is made of high grade stainless steel. They have the unique characteristic of not creating any electromagnetic or radio frequency interference.

White strobes are preferred since they reduce maintenance cost (i.e. no maintenance of painting) and there are no background lights that would blend with the xenon’s white strobes.

It is common to find structures with white xenon flashers during the daytime, and red lights at night. White strobes (that flash 24/7) may also be used in urban areas.

The operation of our xenon lights will not be affected even in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C. They will withstand wind-speeds of 240 kph, blown from any direction, along with rain and fog.

Operating Conditions
  Temperatures ranging from -50°F to +75°F (-10°C to+23.88°C).
  Will withstand wind in excess of 150 mph (240 kph), (150 knots)
  Fog, Rain
  Humidity :8%
  Does not create Electromagnetic Interference
  Does not create Radio Frequency Interference
Photometric Data
Night Mode White
Vertical Beam Spread
Horizontal Coverage 360 °
"Ground Scatter Light" cut-off angle -5 °
Flash Rate 20 - 60 FPM
Electrical Specifications
Input Supply Operating Voltage System Operating on DC Volts Current (Amp) Volt Amps (VA) Watts
(V x I)
Min Max Min Max Min Max
x x x x x x
x x x x x x
x x x x x x
      x x x x x x
x x x x x x
x x x x x x
Light Characteristics
ICAO Type Type "B/C"
Light Source LED Cluster
Light Color White
Effective Intensity Cd at given Background Luminance Above 500 cd/m2 20,000 ± 25% Below 50 CD/m2 2000 CD ± 25%
Horizontal Divergence 360 °
Lamp Life x
Radial Emission As per CISPR 11
Physical Characteristics
Body Material Cast Aluminium (or Fibre)
Lense Material Polished Acrylic
Mounting x
Height (mm/inches) x
Width (mm/inches) x
Mass (Kg/lbs) x
Minimum Autonomy x
Latitude Range x
On/Off Level x
Illumination Technology x
Lifespan of LEDs x
Available Flash Patterns 20 - 60 FPM
Color Technology of Xenon x
Environmental and Electrical
Temperature Range - 40 ° C to + 50 ° C
Waterproof Through EPDM Gasket and Sealant
Environment Protection Standard for Light IP 65 Standard
Environment Protection Standard for Control Panel IP 55 Standard
Weight & Measurements (Shipping info)
Kg mm cu ft